Real-time Token Circulation Available Everywhere In The World
Neutron Chain is a type of protocol based on block chain, It provides artificial intelligence+ internet of things +5G+block chain with network fuels and impetus.the The real world can be connected through the neutron chain. In the neutron block chain network, miners, users and developers have the right to freedom。
What is a Neutron Chain?
Everything in the universe is made up of atoms, and neutrons are a necessary component of the nucleus. A nucleus can produce enormous energy by emitting or trapping neutrons. Therefore, our public block chain is named as neutron chain, which means that it is the basic element in the field of block chain artificial intelligence . In the industry, it provides huge energy for the block chain world like solar nuclear fusion.
Technological Advantages

AI+IOT+5G+ Block Chain Ecology

With AI+IOT+5G+BlockChain deeply integrated , the neutron chain can form an ecological system, setting off the fourth revolution in the intelligent industry, which features in automated processing, operation and iteration.

Dag+POWS Consensus

This is the first underlying public chain based on DAG+POWS. With the combination of POW+POS+DAG technologies, it solves the triangular problem of low efficiency, low security and centralization in the traditional block chain field.

Federal Training and Homomorphic Encryption

Distributed Storage and Calculation: The data and the tasks to be processed are divided into multiple parts. After being processed, they are combined again. This is to ensure the user's ownership and control of the data.

Neutron Nuclear Fission

In the neutron chain, each user and miner is a node. The more nodes there are in the neutron network, the more transactions there are, the faster the processing speed will become.

Multi-chain Technology

NTC adopts 1+N multi-chain structure, and there is only one main chain. The sub-chains can be theoretically innumerable, and each sub-chain can run one or more DAPP systems.

The Isomeric Equilibrium of Mine Exploitation

Through the POW miner's algorithm of “Isomeric Equilibrium”, the anti-asci mining machine guarantees the balanced production of cpu and gpu coins, forestalls the monopoly of the higher hash rate , and makes the mining fairer.

Ecological Application

NTC Road Map